The Government of the Republic of Nauru

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Fact Sheet

Republic of Nauru

FACT SHEET (for visiting media personnel)


Nauru is a small oval shaped island north-east of Australia. It lies 42 kilometres south of the equator.

A coral reef surrounds the entire island which is dotted with pinnacles.

Population - approx. 10,000 including non-Nauruan population of approx. 1,000


The resumption of phosphate mining and exporting in 2005 gave Nauru's economy a much needed boost. The secondary deposits of phosphate have an estimated remaining life of about 30 years.


Nauru gained Independence on 31 January 1968.


Nauru's flag: The white 12-pointed star represents Nauru and the 12 tribes. The gold strip represents the equator and the blue background being the vast Pacific ocean which surrounds Nauru.


Visa requirements for visiting media personnel: must send an email request to enter Nauru for media related work. Email to be sent to the director of the immigration office Mr Rajeev Keerthiyil, , and


Required documents for visa application: A completed visa application form, scanned copy of passport/details page, letter from employer stating reason for trip, and payment of the AUD$8000 media visa application fee.

The Media Visa application fee is non-refundable should your application be unsuccessful.

  • Please note that immigration officials at the airport will take your passport upon arrival for processing at the office and will be returned later in the day or the following morning.

Cash: Australian dollars is the legal tender in Nauru. Foreign exchange at any outlet will be difficult.

Cash is the only form of payment in Nauru.  Credit/debit cards are accepted at a very few selected outlets. There are a few ATMs on the island. There is a Nauru Agency of the Bendigo Bankon island and is located at the Civic Centre in Aiwo District.

Accommodation: There are two hotels - one is government owned and the other is family owned. There are other accommodation options (unit type) that are privately owned. Please advise your preference and details can be forwarded on to you.

Weather: Generally around high 20s - mid-30s. Summer clothing recommended.

Attire: Summer clothing/casual wear acceptable but if making appointments with Government officials or attending church services, it is recommended to dress appropriately.

Swimsuits are not a norm in Nauru, swimmers can either wear a sarong over them or shorts.

Transport: There is no public transport. Car hire is recommended. Please advise and company details will be forwarded to you.

Communications:SIM cards may be purchased from the main office of the mobile phone provider - Digicel.

Internet connection is available either from using the internet café at the Civic Centre or from Digicel; Wifi in selected spots; you can also purchase modems.

Power/Voltage: 240volts

Media: Nauru Media Bureau houses the TV station, radio station and monthly newspaperMwinenko.

Government Information Office (GIO): The GIO produces and publishes government press releases and the government newsletter, Nauru Bulletin.


For general information contact or


Government and portfolios:

The President of the Republic of Nauru is the Head of State and Head of Government -

His Excellency President Baron DivavesiWaqa, MP


The President's portfolios are:

Chairman of the Cabinet; Minister for Public Service;Foreign Affairs & Trade;Climate Change;Nauru Police Force;National Emergency Services; Commerce, Industry & Environment;Naoero Postal Services Corporation.


Hon. DavidRanibok Adeang, MP

Minister Assisting the President;Finance & Sustainable Development;Justice& Border Control;Multicultural Affairs; Eigigu Holdings Corporation;Nauru Air Corporation.


Hon. Lyn-WannanTawaki Kam, MP

Minister for Sports;Transport;Nauru Port Authority;Infrastructure Development.


Hon. Charmaine EiraidinomoScotty, M.P

Minister for Health; Education; Home Affairs;Land Management.


Hon. Aaron Stein Cook, M.P

Minister forRonphos; Nauru Rehabilitation Corporation;Nauru Utilities Corporation.


Hon. Shadlog Bernicke, M.P

Minister forFisheries;Nauru Phosphate Royalties Trust;Telecommunications; Cenpac Corporation.



Nauru Parliament:

  • There are 19 publicly elected Members of Parliament (MP).
  • Elections are compulsory and are conducted every three (3) years.
  • The public elects the MPs in their respective constituencies;the 19 MPs elect a President; the President elects his Cabinet.



  • Fruit trees are coconut, mango, pawpaw, lime, breadfruit, sour sop, pandanus. The indigenous hardwood is the tomano tree.
  • There are a variety of flower trees/plants but the most widely used/favoured are the franjipani, iud, hibiscus, irimone (jasmine), eaquañeiy (from tomano tree), emet, bougainvilleaand yellow bells.
  • Nauruans eat a variety of seafood but fish is still a favourite food of Nauruans - raw, dried, cooked.



  • 4 Infant schools.
  • 3 primary schools (including the Catholic school).
  • 2 secondary level schools (Nauru Secondary School and Nauru College).
  • 1 school for the able/disabled.