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His Excellency President Lionel Aingimea


Monday, 15 June 2020



In this week's situational media update, President Lionel Aingimea highlights the broad work of the government and the Coronavirus Taskforce. As the world faces this global health pandemic, the Taskforce continues to assess and monitor international advice and guidelines on processes in the management and prevention of coronavirus.


There are multiple international reports and medical literature suggesting the various methods to manage the virus such as how long quarantine time should be and when a COVID test should be done on travellers.


The President said Nauru's current 'fifth day' test after arrival is being cautious, as it allows a viral loading in the body to be at sufficient levels for a sample to be taken and tested.


Nauru is guided by these advices however, local officials are also looking at Nauru's own situation and how best to address and implement procedures for our community and situation.           


Since the implementation of COVID-19 systems and procedures on Nauru, there have been several breaches of quarantine and security rules at the quarantine residences. All cases involving these breaches are being progressed by the Nauru Police Force through its investigations and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.


President Aingimea urges the community to respect the quarantine rules and guidelines and if you genuinely do not know the rules at the sites, then ask security on site.


Visiting hours at all sites are 8am to 8pm. There are allocated areas for visitors where double fencing has been erected to protect the community by ensuring distancing between those in quarantine and the community.


We must work together for everyone's protection. Those flouting quarantine rules will be fined and face jail time.


The Taskforce also visited RPC 1 today to take part in a demonstration emergency drill. The drill was led by Canstruct and Wilson security personnel, partnering with the Department of Multicultural Affairs and its operations managers.


The President said this was a good opportunity for the Taskforce to observe and learn from.


In an emergency situation the RPC emergency operations leads liaise directly with representatives of the Nauru Government - the operations managers, in reporting the state of affairs and the decisions made to resolve an emergency situation.


The hospital continues to work on renovations and equipment maintenance including a review on repair works on the oxygen plant and recompression chamber.  A technician from Australia is on island to carry out this work.


As ventilators are in high demand globally, a number of donors have offered to donate ventilators to our hospital which the department is currently assessing.


Community has been reporting expired goods on shop shelves which Public Health is addressing by removing and destroying. Local shop owners suggest the delayed arrival of the cargo ship is reason for this situation.


The public is urged to check for expiry dates on products and advise health accordingly.


Let's work together to keep Nauru free from COVID-19.





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