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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE by His Excellency President Lionel Aingimea

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His Excellency President Lionel Aingimea


Monday, 20 April, 2020



Today, Monday 20 April, marks one month since the Nauru Government placed the first plane of arrivals in quarantine under its 'capture & contain' policy to manage and minimise the impact of coronavirus in Nauru.


In a media briefing with the Government Information Office (GIO) today, President Lionel Aingimea advised that Nauru remains coronavirus-free.


Those currently held in quarantine at the Budapest hotel have another week to go of their 14 days, while those that have just arrived at the Menen Hotel on Friday 17 April, begin their 14 days quarantine.


The President reiterated that coronavirus is passed on primarily from human-to-human. The virus may be transmitted from one infected person passing the virus onto a surface and another person contacting that surface, and there is no other known or scientifically proven transmission otherwise.


The Nauru Coronavirus Coordinating Committee continues to talk with the Fiji Government on moving Nauruan students from Suva to Nadi for their repatriation flight home. Once those plans have been solidified, they will be brought home.


Nauru continues to host and assist other Pacific Islanders, including weightlifters from Kiribati, Tuvalu, PNG and Solomon Islands, who have completed their quarantine and awaiting to be repatriated back to their home countries.


The Government continues to communicate with the private sector, especially Nauruan business owners in keeping abreast with food and fuel stocks and advise where they might need assistance. Nauru Airlines' assistance is also sought in reducing freight costs to enable goods to be air freighted to fill any supply gap.


There have been several incidents of security and perimeter breaches reported over the past few weeks and as such President Lionel Aingimea said warrants action under the 'capture & contain' policy to ensure the community is protected from any possible spread of infection.


An incident over the weekend where a group of friends visited a friend in quarantine were considered to be in close proximity of the resident have since been contained until further tests are done.


Unfortunately, as a result of this one incident, six nurses were among the people this group came in contact with before they were contained. Being nurses, and fully aware of the implications of this contact, the nurses have since self-isolated at home and advised their families of the situation and to do the same.


This one incident has taken out six health care professionals, further adding burden to the hospital's limited resources and medical staff.


As a result of the various security breaches over the month, security at the quarantine sites, Budapest and Menen Hotel have been beefed up with additional police, security and CLO's. Regulations have been passed to ensure the 'capture & contain' policy is adhered to.


The President warns that people caught flouting quarantine rules and regulations will face hefty fines and penalties. He also warned about being complacent and advised the community to remain vigilant. "We must never lose our guard. We must never bring down our guard."


Education is one of the key things the Nauru Government is looking at to inform Nauruans about coronavirus. The President said dealing with coronavirus is a national effort, and therefore educating parents, children and the whole population, is vital for Nauru.


In the event there is a confirmed case on the island the Ministry of Health and the Coronavirus Coordinating Committee have identified isolation and treatment facilities to remove infected persons from the community while they are being treated and cared for by medical staff.


At the time of posting, coronavirus has taken lives globally, and according to the World Health Organisation, approximately 13 times the Nauru population.




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