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COVID19 update-Monday25May2020

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His Excellency President Lionel Aingimea


Monday, 25 May 2020



Both testing machines at the RoN Hospital have completed their validation process testing for coronavirus with 100 per cent match on samples. President Lionel Aingimea says this means all tests done on positive and negative samples were all correct.


The President strongly emphasised that no-one on island is positive for the virus. The positive samples used in the validation testing process were brought in from overseas and contained in a safe enclosure until validation testing for the machines was carried out. All those samples are harmless and since been removed for the proper testing on crew and quarantine residents which commenced at the weekend.


The GeneXpert machine commenced testing on the ship's crew last weekend with all results returned negative, enabling the Neptune cargo vessel Capitaine Quiros to commence cargo off-loading.


The Elite Genius machine commenced testing today for those in quarantine at the Menen Hotel and Canstruct's Anibare Village. If all samples are negative, then everyone in quarantine can be discharged ahead of the prescribed two weeks.


The President stressed that lab testing can quickly identify with accuracy whether a person has the virus or not.  Quarantine time is used to allow time for the virus to incubate and show itself through signs and symptoms although there is no 100 per cent assurance that a person does or does not have the virus; whereas, lab testing is accurate.


Fifty shipping containers were unloaded on Saturday 23 May. The reefers (cool containers) were cleared by customs first to enable frozen goods and other perishables to be made available earlier.


Cargo will continue unloading simultaneously with the fuel tanker discharging.


All crew on the cargo ship, fuel tanker, and tug boat have all been tested and returned negative results.


In air travel movements - there will be five freighter flights this week starting tomorrow, to ensure essentials are well stocked.


Another passenger flight is due in this Friday 29 May from Brisbane - all passengers will go through the usual procedure of quarantine and swab testing.


Meanwhile, the Government is still in discussions with the Fiji government on the status of the repatriation flight. While two Nauruans were successfully repatriated from Kiribati via Brisbane, Dr Layana Menke's internship program in Kiribati has recommenced and she has since opted to remain in Kiribati to complete her internship.


There will be no repatriation of Nauruan patients in India as the country remains in lockdown. Nauruans there are well and being looked after and the Government is in close communications with Honorary-Consul Bhalla in regards to their well-being.


President Aingimea says this coronavirus pandemic is a long fight, with reports from around the world suggesting it could go for as long as two years.


The President urges that we stay strong in our prayers for Nauru and for other countries that are doing it tough.


The World Health Organisation reports global confirmed cases have risen to over five million with more than 337,000 deaths. Nauru remains coronavirus free.