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Daily Notices circulated by the Government Information Office

Daily Notices circulated by the Government Information Office


Thursday, 30 July 2020



-        Home Affairs Job Vacancy:  Child Protection Officer (Family & Community Services) (x2). Closes 14Aug2020.


Please see attached for all notices listed above.


On Behalf of the Department of Home Affairs (Family & Community Services)


Job Vacancy: Child Protection Officer (x2). Closes 14Aug2020.


Applications are invited from persons both inside and outside the Public Service for appointment, transfer or promotion to the following positions as Child Protection Officers.


SALARY RANGE :Band 5.1-$12,983 gross salary per annum


·         To ensure the increase protection of children and young people form abuse, neglect and exploitation (Violence), in accordance with national legislation and regulations, including children who are in conflict with or n contact with the law as victims, offenders and witnesses.

·         To provide social welfare and protection services for children and families, coordinating with government agencies and civil society organisations with responsibilities and functions for promoting children and family wellbeing.



Conduct outreach in designated communities:

o   In collaborate with interagency partners, particularly the MOH community health team, make home visits to engage and build relationships with children and families

o   Identify the welfare needs of vulnerable children, including children with disabilities, children of asylum seeker and refugee children.

o   Undertake assessments of children and families who marginalised or vulnerable, especially if at risk of violence in any form.

o   Help parents, families and communities to find solutions to problems that impact the welfare and protection of children

o   In coordination with senior child protection officers and other agencies, make provision for the delivery of appropriate and tailored services to the children and families at risk.

o   Work with other departments, especially Family and Community services, to support families whose children are out of school, causing community problems and risk coming into conflict with the Law

o   Support local leadership in finding and considering more options and additional opportunities to resolve problems within families

o   Hold open-door sessions for community members to discuss child welfare and protection concerns, to seek advice and help.

Awareness raising in communities:

o   Engaging community leaders (of all kinds) and civil society organisations to promote positive practices with regards to child welfare and protection, as well as challenge harmful attitudes and behaviours

o   Together with other interagency professionals, develop and disseminate materials to raise awareness about child welfare and protection in communities and increase resilience among children and young people

o   Plan and organise community events to promote child welfare, including fund-raising for community welfare projects.

o   Collect and compile information about children's situation and needs to inform the strategic and policy decisions of the MOHA.

Respond to and manage child protection cases:

o    Receive and respond to reports of violence against children, in accordance with the Child Protection Welfare Act 2016

o    Establish case files for individual children and families, as necessary, as well as case planning procedures.

o    Work with parents, families and communities to resolve problems, reporting to seniors in the line with professional guidelines and referring to interagency partners for services (e.g. counselling, educational and financial assistance, medical treatment)

o    Support the investigation of serious cases of violence against children and prepare initial social background reports, as required.

o    Liaise with the police and the courts and provide support to any child in contact with the law or involved in judicial proceedings

o    Support children through court processes (both Juveniles Act and the Child Protection and Welfare Act 2016)

o    Where appropriate, seek family-based care solutions for children who have been removed or who, for any other reason, are not living with Parents or Close kin.

o    Monitor and review the situation of children in the community.                               



·         Must have a Higher School Leaving Certificate or some form of higher Tertiary qualification specifically relating to children.

·         Must have experience in fields relating to children

·         Must have the following qualities: commitment, empathy, able to manage conflict and difficult clients, self-awareness, flexibility, good communication skills.

·         Must have the genuine desire to help vulnerable children, including children with disabilities, children of domestic violence, asylum seekers and refugee children

·         Must be able to work in a no-discriminatory way with all children regardless of their race, age, gender, disability, citizen status etc. 


Applications should be submitted to the Acting Chief Secretary or Secretary Corporate Services through writing or electronically word processed indicating name, age, qualifications, attached with Curriculum Vitae and other relevant references no later than5pm, Friday, 14 August 2020.


                Peta Gadabu                                       Clarissa Scotty

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