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Tuesday, 12 May 2020

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His Excellency President Lionel Aingimea


Tuesday, 12 May 2020



While Nauru remains coronavirus free, President Lionel Aingimea continues to remind the public to be mindful that coronavirus can infect anyone, and everyone is susceptible.


The President urges everyone to exercise caution especially frontline workers such as health staff, customs and immigration to "please use caution at all times."


The residents still at Meneñ Hotel and Canstruct's Anibare Village are well and due to complete their 14 days quarantine at the end of this week. Their samples are being tested and their results determined in the coming days.


President Aingimea also reiterated that the five crew members from the freighter flight over the weekend did not disembark the plane however having returned a positive rapid test from one crew member, the plane, crew and cargo were promptly directed back to Brisbane and all their samples are being tested in Australia. The Nauru Government is waiting for the official results of those tests.


Despite the success in keeping coronavirus out of Nauru, the Government continues to prepare with work being done at the hospital and other national response systems.


The President said we do not want to encounter this virus on our shores and be hit in a sense that will affect us significantly, advising that we are "better prepared than not."


As the last couple weeks have been quiet in terms of incidences at the quarantine residences, President Aingimea said lessons were learnt from past incidences and we better understand what to do in certain circumstances. Since the security breaches at both quarantine sites, regulations have been put in place, security escalated and dialogue with those to enter quarantine, streamlined.


The Coronavirus Taskforce will be reaching out to the communities to establish community committees. This involves formalising membership by volunteers as representatives of their communities, which will create the link to the Taskforce and government.


The President said in this regard, there will also be a prepared drill to take place on Thursday, 14May in Ijuw.


Please note this is a test and not a real event.


The practice scenario involves a breach in security at the Meneñ hotel by a person in quarantine who has coronavirus, and is running randomly into the nearby community, for example - Ijuw.


The drill will involve the police, CLOs, and health to go in and control an area, identify, capture and contain the person, and whoever he might have been in contact with, and cordon off the area including locking down the district if needed.


The aim of the response plan is to prevent and reduce the widespread transmission of coronavirus in the community and minimise its impact in Nauru.


This will also test the communications systems, which will involve the government, CLOs, community, the Government Information Office (GIO), Nauru media, and Digicel. It will test how agencies move and respond and identify what actions are needed to take place to ensure that community are alerted and remain safe.


Again, this is a test and not a real event. A blind drill is planned for the next phase.


There have been recent reports of used personal protective equipment (PPE) such as face masks and gloves left lying around in public.


The President stresses the need to properly dispose of used PPE, or else face fines.


The National Disaster Risk Management (COVID19) Community Transmission and Public Health Regulations provide for the disposal of used PPE in closed containers or bags and destroyed by incineration. Any person authorised to use PPE should not share, reuse or preserve any used PPE or dispose of any used PPE other than incineration.




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