The Government of the Republic of Nauru

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NATIONAL ADDRESS Acting President, HE Hon Isabella Dageago, MP 17 June 2022


Acting President, HE Hon Isabella Dageago, MP


17 June 2022


The National COVID-19 Taskforce has this afternoon advised myself as Acting President, the Cabinet, as well as His Excellency the President who has been in meetings in Canberra, that cases of COVID-19 have been detected in our community today, Friday 17 June.


This is something that we have known would happen at some stage and that we have been prepare for.


The Taskforce advises that we should expect more cases to be identified in the coming days and we should all expect that COVID will spread through the community.


In the meantime, the Taskforce recommends we implement short term measures to slow the spread of the virus for the next few weeks.


The temporary measures we are putting in place for the next two weeks include the following:


-          Everyone to remain at home unless you need to go to essential work, buy food or supplies or get medical treatment or for other emergencies.
In short, if you don't need to go out, we ask you to stay at home.


-          Do what you can to limit your movements and limit your contact with other people outside your home. Keep a physical distance from other people where possible.

-          Everyone to wear a mask when you leave home and expect to have contact with other people.


-          Government, corporations, instrumentalities and private businesses are asked to suspend any non-essential activities and services, reduce working hours where possible or put in place work-from-home arrangements if possible.


This means things such as bars, grog bars, bingo, betting, social activities, sports and the like are to be suspended.


-          School holidays will commence immediately for four weeks.
Children are asked to stay at home at all times.

-          Church services are to be suspended.


-          Weddings, birthdays, celebrations and any gatherings of people outside your immediate household are to be postponed.


There is no need to panic and no need to rush out and stock up on food and other goods.


You can still go out and buy food and essential supplies as you need.

The island is well stocked with food and supplies. The Micronesian Pride has been coming regularly and is due back with more supplies in a few days and cargo will be unloaded as usual. The air freight service will continue to come each week.


Nauru has been blessed in that we have not had this happen until now, after two and a half years, and we have had time to get vaccinated and build our protection.


But it is equally important for everyone to understand what the government is doing in response to the transmission, and it is critical that everyone knows there is no need to be alarmed.


Nauru has a very high level of protection from our vaccination coverage and slowing down the initial spread in the next two weeks will give all of us time to understand what this means and what to expect.


Slowing the spread will ensure we can care for everyone that needs medical treatment and that we can look after the more vulnerable people in our community.


Your Government is asking all of you to do your part by limiting your movements, stay at home as much as possible, and not have unnecessary contact with other people.


If we can do this, we can slow the initial spread over the first few weeks and we can all help make sure the vulnerable people in our community are cared for and can be managed.


We may need to do these things for more than two weeks, but if we all do our part, we will be able to lift these measures and return to normal activities as soon as possible.


We are well protected because of our excellent COVID-19 vaccination coverage.


But after being so successful in keeping our community protected from COVID-19 for the last two and half years, we should not be careless and let COVID run uncontrolled.


Just as we have been smart in how we have managed this pandemic from the beginning, we need to be smart about how we change from zero COVID in our community to learning how we can live with COVID.


We need to make a few sacrifices now, and only for a short time, so we can make this transition easier and make sure we can all manage this change to living with COVID.


More information and details will continue to be provided but for now, it is important to get this initial information to you, so everyone is aware and can be reassured.


Mwa tubwa kor.


God Bless Nauru.