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Taskforce implements new pre-travel arrangements in Brisbane


Government Information Office



For Immediate Release

Thursday, 6 January, 2022


Taskforce implements new pre-travel arrangements in Brisbane


New pre-travel "COVID Safe Accommodation" arrangements are in place in Brisbane for passengers travelling to Nauru on commercial flights, effective immediately.


The basic requirement is for all travellers to Nauru from Brisbane enter and remain in managed safe accommodation in Brisbane, three days before travel.


The Nauru COVID-19 Taskforce says this arrangement is primarily for the regular scheduled Nauru Airlines ON002 flights. The first flight will be Friday 7 January.


This interim measure is put in place due to the rapid surging cases and community transmission of coronavirus in Brisbane and across Australia and many other countries. It may continue to March or as required.


The primary aim of the measure is to reduce the risk of travellers to Nauru, being exposed to coronavirus in the community in the days immediately prior to travel to Nauru.


Failure to comply will result in the passenger being denied flight check-in and travel to Nauru.


It is considered that the Nauru population immunity to coronavirus is at a level that still poses an unacceptable risk of high case numbers.


"If coronavirus was to spread into Nauru at this time, there is potential that many people would get very sick, overwhelming our health services and there is too much uncertainty about the risk of significant numbers of people dying," the Taskforce said.


Whilst Nauru has achieved high (97 per cent) rates of vaccination in the eligible adult population, 18 years and older, this represents only 60 per cent total population vaccination coverage. Consequently, 40 per cent of the population is at risk.


Vaccination of persons 12 years and above will result in total population vaccination coverage of above 80 per cent.


While the majority of adults were vaccinated five or more months ago, evidence of reduced immunity after a long period suggests these adults may also now be at risk from a combination of factors.


The Taskforce has determined vaccination targets expected to give the Nauru population sufficient immunity and protection, including booster shots, may be reached by the end of March 2022.


It is expected that a COVID vaccination campaign for children aged between 12 years and 18 years will be delivered in late January along with or followed by a booster campaign for all adults.


The safe accommodation will be arranged by the Nauru Taskforce near Brisbane Airport. Three meals a day will be provided.


Where possible, accommodation will be arranged so that passengers travelling to Nauru will be in a common/designated area within the Hotel and the space will not be shared with any other guests or entry by visitors.


All travellers from outside Brisbane should arrive in Brisbane three days prior to travel so they may enter the safe accommodation. Those travelling from outside Queensland need to ensure they satisfy any Queensland Government requirements.


Depending on Australian and Queensland government requirements, international transit passengers may be required to enter Queensland Government Hotel Quarantine facilities, which if undertaken for the three days prior to travel to Nauru, will also satisfy Nauru's interim entry requirements.


However, if it is not a requirement of Australian or Queensland governments, it is still a requirement of Nauru and will be arranged by the Taskforce.


Airport check-in processes will include a COVID test undertaken prior to or as part of the check-in process.


All passengers are requested to take precautions to minimise their risk of exposure during the few hours they will be moving through Brisbane Airport to board the flight to Nauru. This includes individuals practising physical distancing, wearing of masks, and maintaining hand hygiene.


It is accepted that this measure is not absolute and will not create a 'sterile' environment for passengers travelling to Nauru but is one component of a suite of measures that combined, will reduce risk of virus arriving on Nauru's border.


The risk still exists and so quarantine and testing procedures on arrival into Nauru will continue as they have been.


The Nauru Taskforce does not have the authority to quarantine any person in Australia or to enforce these requirements. Passengers are requested to voluntarily enter the Safe Accommodation and to voluntarily comply with the requirements.


Failure to enter the Safe Accommodation or to satisfy the requirements requested prior to travel to Nauru, will result in denied check-in and travel to Nauru.